Saturday, November 24, 2007

the 170th day of the 16th year of my life

wow.time really passes quiiiiiiiickly. it's alr the end of december november. so fatigued, 2 whole days of helping out at the choral workshop. even though i was like slacking 90% of the time, i am now feeling so tireddddddd. well it wasn't really eventful, only that dominic and wesley were tickling me for like 2 whole days. and i got to know one very interesting character, Gabriel Teo! haha. wow-wee~
k i'm like lazy to blog these days. and i got a job offer, interested parties can contact me. nice money and certainly LEGAL.
match tomorrow, my muscles so tiredddddd.

Monday, November 12, 2007

the 158th day of the 16th year of my life

oh man. it's over. but i am not feeling as i should.. =//// screwed up my science mcq and my lit big time. well. it's over. just commit everything to God. played in a match today. won 20-0. LOL. and on saturday, my classmates + marcus,hian chong,ben,pantat, lost 17-7. lol scored 2 on sat, set up mayb er,3? lol. today i scored the opening. =DD left footed shot to the top right corner. yay! lol. ok. my stomach hurts. =////