Saturday, June 28, 2008

end of MYE

MYE over. but it still ain't the time to feel relieved. i guess all U except GP, and i hope chinese. so damn sian-ed. don't know what to do.

cause you gave me the best mixtape i have

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 1 of MYE

great. chem was seriously screwed to the extent it cannot be measured. harldy understood anything, even if i did, i forgot what to write. =.=
gp was quite very okay. just hope i didn't answer out of point as i have a tendency to. zzz

help! i can't start studying for my econs!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


okay finally after like ages, i'm blogging again. MYE just around the corner, i'm yet to even finish a single subject.
lots of things happened after my last post, man u going on to win the champions league thanks to john terry's spectacular miss. xD which was man u's second trophy this past season. then man u were close to signing ramsey, but signed petrucci instead. now i really hope ronaldo stays.
MJ won the A div! yeah, but i am worried bout the goalkeeping problem. i'm even more worried bout myself. growing fat alr. no fitness even.
went for youth retreat when i was sick. not a bad time, watched end of the spear. well i alr knew the story, so it wasn't really that unexpected. then celebrated jaime's birthday at 1am, ate our macs at 2am. thanks to josiah for the treat. lol
had the most boring birthday ever.
went to work at PC show on the second day for newstead. sucks, wasted half my day there.
went back to PC show on saturday to buy stuff. then went to study, completed chem equilibrium.
then sunday came and i went for youth choir the first time. well i felt quite out of place lah.
then went home to pack. went to awana for church camp! (:
i guess i wasn't really touched by the message. i need to do some soul searching i guess.
didn't manage to study much, only completed equilibirum, kinetics and gases. fell asleep reading my econs on the way to genting. now i'm so stressed trying to complete my chem revision package! urgh.
seriously, i need people to pray for me. that's all folks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


urrrrrrrrgh. diarrhoea.feverishness.etcetc. kao
great. i thought of a good PW idea during the trip home from the doctor's. and guess what, i forgot it! wth! and my PI is like overdue!!!!!
okay look on the bright side, i can finally hand in my rubbish GP essay which is 3 weeks overdue, my recurrence assignment which is er, 2weeks overdue? and my MI assignment. first time i'm doing something and handing in on time (taking into consideration i'm not in school during the deadline).
great, God didn't want me to be in teh school team. i'm still trying to find out why. got over it though. gotta get well then get back my fitness and train for next year.
wow, i just realised it's been eons since i last blogged. cool.
okay, Man U and barca. go go man u!

Friday, April 04, 2008


well time passes realllllllllll fast. it's alr april! and yeah, feeling the effects of lack of rest!
well, i have like econs 2 essays, gp 2 essays, maths tutorials, physics tutorials, PW first draft etc etc to do, just to name a few. and my whole body is like aching now. urgh
can't generate a nice idea for PW. don't know where to start! and what to do! somebody help me!
kay idk what else to blog. with this few minutes of free time i have, i shall end by stating my desire to get into the school team. last 2 slots, i really gotta impress fabio.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Why do I feel so weak
When you are near me
You've got me in too deep
So help me baby
Your living in my dreams
Your always with me
Your the dark in my light
Your the black in my white
And I'll always know

Friday, March 14, 2008

TF Retreat

back from aloha loyang. feeling the ill effects of lack of sleep. feeling very grumpy/moody/urgh etc. the retreat went well if not for the screwed up bbq. thank God for protecting us as we almost had a fire. .

went for soccer yesterday, played like shit man. and the wet surface didn't help much too. went back for bbq in the rain, and found out we had like 50 sticks of mutton satay and 60 chicken wings left uncook and everyone was FULL.!

went cycling overnight. went all the way to bedok.. went to red house. wahlao, the stone head never turn luh.. now i'm suffering from the lousy seat. my ass is bruised!

kay time to go back to doing homework and revising

Monday, March 10, 2008

finally updated

okay great. i'm stuck in MJ but it isn't that bad after all. so busy these few weeks.
first let me whine about my screwed up debut. didn't have enough stamina to go against 4 defenders. up till now, my chest hurts. urgh. must fight for my place in the team.

TF retreat's on wed! calling all youths, in Galilee or not, come down for a time of fellowship! okay we "directors" are quite screwed up. haven't bought the stuff or what yet. and i have training dammit!

i really need discipline man. i don't know a shit bout econs especially since the lecturer sucks. gotta do my maths and chem and physics now. tata!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

first day

first day at MJ. i think i'm one of the few despondent there. i really wanna go SA! why MJ sia....
okay they made us sit in the hall for like hours listening to 80% crap. zzz.

i also don't know what to blog. just that, maybe MJ isn't that bad. urgh

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


i am superduperuber boredddddddddddddddd! urrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
working now.i need more money.after all the CPF deductions, i realise i have a serious need for money. my bank is wanting. i am lacking. lol

oh yah. i'm officially looking for tuition students! i need i need!

ok that's random. these few days, have been so tired. can't sleep well, so can't recover. i need to train, yet don't have the time. don't have the opportunity. i need to develop my on-the-ball capabilities. and try to shoot like cRonaldo! xD

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed moneyyyyyyyyyyyy.
i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed sleepppppppppppppppp

Friday, January 25, 2008


thank God for my results! it's amazing what God can do. =D
especially for my lit. i had given up, wrote so damn little, but i got a distinction. xDD
with an r5 of 11,i'm like still reeling in shock la. although i fell short of my aim, i still thank God for this relatively good result. now's posting! argh!! i want to get in SA science!
ok i'm quite bored at work la. nothing to do. no games to play.
urgh. i shall go train my fitness and sprints. i'll go haunt you RJ.!
ahhh! why so long more to school. i want to start playing soccer regularly!
zzzz ok this is getting more out of hand alr. tata~

Thursday, January 17, 2008


hello world. i just realised the last time i updated this blog was last year. so here am i,at work,updating my blog. idk what to write here. but i'm damn damn tired. last night went for prayer meeting. yeah shaun,irvin and joel were there too. o level results are coming! ahhhhhh! should be 24th. i don't think my uncle's lying. lol.

went for cfjf last saturday. so many kids in JF1! i so want to start teaching! lol. i want to see how i'll do. anyway, i think God gave me the gift of teaching. so i want to use it!

sadly, in Galilee, the people who go for fellowship groups is small. i want to increase the size of the cfjf membership. make it big big big, so that kids can have a foundation, and won't grow up waywardly. also, it's important for kids to learn to be mature, as in, don't get infected by "the irk"so easily.

i love my work. i get to learn so many things, and i get to meet almost everyone. aha. ok i'm dozing off alr. seeya world