Saturday, June 21, 2008


okay finally after like ages, i'm blogging again. MYE just around the corner, i'm yet to even finish a single subject.
lots of things happened after my last post, man u going on to win the champions league thanks to john terry's spectacular miss. xD which was man u's second trophy this past season. then man u were close to signing ramsey, but signed petrucci instead. now i really hope ronaldo stays.
MJ won the A div! yeah, but i am worried bout the goalkeeping problem. i'm even more worried bout myself. growing fat alr. no fitness even.
went for youth retreat when i was sick. not a bad time, watched end of the spear. well i alr knew the story, so it wasn't really that unexpected. then celebrated jaime's birthday at 1am, ate our macs at 2am. thanks to josiah for the treat. lol
had the most boring birthday ever.
went to work at PC show on the second day for newstead. sucks, wasted half my day there.
went back to PC show on saturday to buy stuff. then went to study, completed chem equilibrium.
then sunday came and i went for youth choir the first time. well i felt quite out of place lah.
then went home to pack. went to awana for church camp! (:
i guess i wasn't really touched by the message. i need to do some soul searching i guess.
didn't manage to study much, only completed equilibirum, kinetics and gases. fell asleep reading my econs on the way to genting. now i'm so stressed trying to complete my chem revision package! urgh.
seriously, i need people to pray for me. that's all folks.

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