Friday, June 29, 2007

the 21st day of the 16th day of my life

went for SAJC trial today.thank God i wasn't one of those kicked.
think i didn't do my warmup properly,my muscles were tight after a while.
out of 10, 10 being my current max potential, i think i did 3.
i failed to get the ball after getting into space. i failed to connect with the ball like thrice.
i didn't score.i crossed straight to the keeper after outrunning the defender.
i set up the only goal the trialists scored,because i miskicked.
i set up another like the cristiano ronaldo "backflick".
argh. argh argh!

now i'm not going for the cross country.suffered blisters.
i'm damn tired now.ROARRRRRRRRRR
shitshit! too much play. i need to study!!!

sunday's the match against mt carmel. hope i'll be able to perform.

cause everywhere i go
no matter what i do girl
i just can't get you out of my head

i love you

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the 19th day of the 16th year of my life

a maths test today.on integration.
i think i disintegrated man. argh
shit shit. prelims coming.
i'm just finishing my a maths tys. still have e maths.
still have all the other subjects, God help!!

so tired man. but still gotta study. T.T
when can we play soccer again?!?!
stupid teo, only think of keely. xP

k i should be back to studying now...............................
but i'm still here......

i don't know what to blog. i forgot.
symptoms of stress.

Friday, June 22, 2007

the 14th day of the 16th year of my life

argh! hard disks spoilt! total 270gb worth of hard disk space!
can't play carbon too. needs more ram. arghh.
oh shit. i''m supposed to be studying. prelims coming.
i'm stuck at trigo man. so chim. i mean. i'm lazy to think. >.< i told myself i'll finish a maths tys by today. God give me strength! went to gym yesterday. i died man. can't even sprint 2.4km. i'm so dead. napfa's coming, yet i can't do a single pullup! T.T sian. back to trigo. if tan A = p, what is sec A?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the 11th day of the 16th year of my life

called SAJC soccer teacher-in-charge today. ahhhh!!
have to send the form in by friday, and i'm not ready!
well guess i'll just go for the trial and if i want, apply for the second round? anyway it's up to God's will.
next match's on the 1st!!! i can't wait for it!!
hais.. we're short of players though...
pray that God will give us fine weather and a super-duper-nice field.
shit! i'm supposed to prepare for my prelims! arghhh
no mood man. feel like playing fifa only.....
k i'm outta here. byebye.

daryl you becareful! xP

Sunday, June 17, 2007

the 9th day of the 16th year of my life

back from church camp. argh. computer still down.
church camp was great! important lessons learnt in the process.
overall, it was tiring, and i didn't manage to study as i had wanted.
i think i was lazy. =X
indeed this camp brought me closer to God.
things i usually neglected were put right in my face.
yeah. well. to me, awana was disappointing. from the cleanliness,
to the food, to the facilities.
well, i heard the field was pathetic, that's why we played at the carpark.
i spoilt my man u ball! T.T
and my sala really broke down. nwo there's like 5 holes?
shit, my soccer skills not improving as i expect.
played badminton on the second day, i apologise to the girls because i think we deprived them of their chance to play. got thrashed by john man. he's like damn pro.
better than pantat sia. lol.
fourth day went to genting. wahlao, the rides all no kick de.
the bungee jumping thingy, lol.
i admit i was abit scared at first, but after experiencing it,it's no kick!
lol joel daryl irvin and ian got scared. or else could have taken it 3 times.
the rollercoaster was like errrrrrrrrrrr.
irvin kept shouting "no kick la!" and we screamed only when we were horizontal.
but the most scary was the cable car. or gondola as the call it.
when we were about to board it back down to awana, the station experienced power disruption!
but thank God for these little things, it made us remember that everything is in His hands.
while in the gondola, we experienced heavy mist. wow-wee! visibility was like 5m?
arghh. now i'm suffering. got ulcers and cracked lips from drinking the unhygenic water.

next church match's on the 1st! 3pm at queensway sec versus mt carmel BP.
we're seriously short of players.

prelims coming soon! i'm so short of time! God help me be disciplined!!!

k i shall go be good and study. feel free to comment! =D

Saturday, June 09, 2007

the 1st day of the 16th year of my life

oh finally.i'm sixteen! yay. lol
went to watch ocean's 13.i highly recommend this show man.
damn cool. how they made bank broke,simply cool!
ok.i don't wanna talk more le.
going to awana on monday.can't wait for my deserved break. =X
ok./i'm bored

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

4 days to my 16th birthday time's like so soon to being 16.
ocean's 13 is coming out! yeah
shit. i need to practise my shooting and dribbling.
and i need to enquire bout the DSA stuff.argh!
that' malar still gives so much homework.crap