Friday, August 31, 2007

the 85th day of the 16th day of my life

went to AOH2007 today with gui,dt and russell.
we were just on time, and when we reached pasir labar,we were like the few there.
went to rappel, i was so nervous. =/
then went to live firing.we managed to do it twice.
i tested out the IPPT things, 9.4s for shuttle run and 250cm for standing broad jump.
argh.don't know what's wrong with me

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the 83rd day of the 16th year of my life

i don't love you like i did yesterday..
arghh! so busy. well i know i'm like online all the while, but my work is right below the fat monitor.crap.oh yah.i forgot to blog this on friday.went to watch secret with jonny,teo and when the show was going to end,GV cut the movie and turned on the lights.someone went to complain and yeah, it came back on. jonny and i were so scared. the curse of the secret? last time with law the projector bulb the thing got cut. but nevermind, we got free tickets. =D
study study study... left 53 days. and my damned L1R5 is a freaking 21! argh!ok.i don't know what to blog.too tired. >.<

Friday, August 24, 2007

the 78th day of the 16th year of my life

whoa. so many things happened since my last post. got back my crap results.
the class ball thrown away. john lee scoring 5 goals against terence's team. LOL
crap results, my prelims ruined by my careless mistakes. E maths i think i lost 10++marks,same for A maths. i screwed my chem by answering in wrong perspective, english spelling wrongly. now i need to get a B3 for my Lit to get a L1R5 of 20.
now i need to practice practice practice!
so tired.
so crappy.
oh yah! went to play pool with jonny,law,edmund,rus.i got a 90% lose rate.super off-form.
wasted my $2.80
previously, i lost to edmund another day when i hit the white balll in 7 times.
this time, the white ball nor the black ball went in.
tomorrow got match.i'm feeling so tired...................

i think i like you. >.<

Saturday, August 18, 2007

the 72nd day of the 16th year of my life

i realised so many things, actually i already knew, in such a short time.
if you want to die, i only got 1 request. become a Christian. see if you still wanna die.
bloody crap. wth wth wth.

yucks. she's just a bitch. everything's against her man. ok this her is a different person from the "you"

ok.this is random.random decay of josemi's mind

Thursday, August 16, 2007

the 70th day of the 16th year of my life

yay! left lit and a maths 1 and science MCQ. just persevere joseph!
today i wasted so much time in school.what for take prelims chinese when i passed my O's? i've gotta go read macbeth again.i forgot everything =/
more interesting posts coming up~!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the 62nd day of the 16th year of my life

whoa!today so many things happened! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
lol.first up, teo said he couldn't come with us as he needed to stay at home and cry. lol!
then when i was leaving house, i realised my brother took my bag with my wallet in it!
if that wasn't bad enough, my atm card was in it! damn.gotta go to his school.
i must specially single out that member of the office staff.wth lor.ask me wait.i said it was URGENT! which part of U-R-G-E-N-T does she not understand? in the end i had to go find where was his classroom.
after that, rushed to meet jonny and law.reached bugis at bout 1.and got tickets for the show.
bought MEIJI strawberry milk and old chang kee. then went in and sat down. like 5 mins into the advertisements, the damn projector's bulb blew. wth wth wth! in the end as we are impatient people, we went to kp the ushers and got a refund. went to paradiz to play pool. think the $11.80 was quite worth it. play many games. lol and i lost to jonny so many times!! !@#!@$%^ all because i break then the stupid black ball flew in. =.=
not once lor! think got 3 times? then got once i left black ball. then i knocked the white ball in with it. =.=
lol first game was scary. all my shots flew any-o-how. then law was like thrashing me? i hadn't knocked any ball in yet. and he was close to the black ball already. then suddenly, i slammed all my striped balls in. and i won! lolol. sorry law, i'm just too good. xD
ok.oh yah! my MEIJI milk spilled in law's bag. sorry law. lol. how the shell it spilt? i don't know.
die die die! i don't know alot of my physics and chem! jiu ming ah~~~~~~~~~~~
k i shall go be a good boy and study. see ya folks!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the 61st day of the 16th year of my life

hais.PRELIMS!!! T.T
had SS today.didn't really complete partD.die lahh.
yesterday had english tired that i almost slept during the compo paper.
buttttttttttt,after paper 2 we still went to play soccer!until like 3
i scored a rabona! lol. everyone was shocked. especially T.T that ljb.
lol.ok.i shall put a link to the youtube video.a similar goal.only that mine wasn't in the field...
Watch This i've gotta study.....................................

Friday, August 03, 2007

the 57th day of the 16th year of my life

how time's just 2 days to start of prelims...and i'm so unprepared!!
and it's been like so long since i last posted.
well,this period of time sucks big time.all i had to do was only study,study,study.
well yesterday, went to play soccer at the basketball court at 497.under the hot sun,i performed badly.don't know why, but i couldn't control the ball was as if i was totally off?wth wth wth!
reached home,slept! but now i'm feeling tired already... wth wth wth!

hais.i still want you to become a Christian.a true Christian.
that's it.i think that's all.