Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the 62nd day of the 16th year of my life

whoa!today so many things happened! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
lol.first up, teo said he couldn't come with us as he needed to stay at home and cry. lol!
then when i was leaving house, i realised my brother took my bag with my wallet in it!
if that wasn't bad enough, my atm card was in it! damn.gotta go to his school.
i must specially single out that member of the office staff.wth lor.ask me wait.i said it was URGENT! which part of U-R-G-E-N-T does she not understand? in the end i had to go find where was his classroom.
after that, rushed to meet jonny and law.reached bugis at bout 1.and got tickets for the show.
bought MEIJI strawberry milk and old chang kee. then went in and sat down. like 5 mins into the advertisements, the damn projector's bulb blew. wth wth wth! in the end as we are impatient people, we went to kp the ushers and got a refund. went to paradiz to play pool. think the $11.80 was quite worth it. play many games. lol and i lost to jonny so many times!! !@#!@$%^ all because i break then the stupid black ball flew in. =.=
not once lor! think got 3 times? then got once i left black ball. then i knocked the white ball in with it. =.=
lol first game was scary. all my shots flew any-o-how. then law was like thrashing me? i hadn't knocked any ball in yet. and he was close to the black ball already. then suddenly, i slammed all my striped balls in. and i won! lolol. sorry law, i'm just too good. xD
ok.oh yah! my MEIJI milk spilled in law's bag. sorry law. lol. how the shell it spilt? i don't know.
die die die! i don't know alot of my physics and chem! jiu ming ah~~~~~~~~~~~
k i shall go be a good boy and study. see ya folks!

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