Friday, August 24, 2007

the 78th day of the 16th year of my life

whoa. so many things happened since my last post. got back my crap results.
the class ball thrown away. john lee scoring 5 goals against terence's team. LOL
crap results, my prelims ruined by my careless mistakes. E maths i think i lost 10++marks,same for A maths. i screwed my chem by answering in wrong perspective, english spelling wrongly. now i need to get a B3 for my Lit to get a L1R5 of 20.
now i need to practice practice practice!
so tired.
so crappy.
oh yah! went to play pool with jonny,law,edmund,rus.i got a 90% lose rate.super off-form.
wasted my $2.80
previously, i lost to edmund another day when i hit the white balll in 7 times.
this time, the white ball nor the black ball went in.
tomorrow got match.i'm feeling so tired...................

i think i like you. >.<

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