Monday, December 25, 2006

the 199th/200th day of the 15th year of my life

Christmas EVE! stoned in church just now la.
damn boring. i think i'm changing.
only few know bout this la.
k after like hours of deliberation, we went to IMM.
a crap place for youths la.
then crap-ped at Coffee Club for like 2 hours?
lol. Mag was like the centre of attraction la,
attracting attention to us. lol. laughing like crazy.
k for those who don't get me,
imagine someone laughing loudly,
and infecting those 6 around her,
sitting at the table right in the middle of the coffee club which is right in the middle,
then ya. get the picture? lol.
k i acknowledge, i forgot how to play the guitar,
so i don't know how to play the song THEREFORE BEING JUSTIFIED.
and i know i'm irritating,
but look deeper and you'll find me(maybe you'll have to look very very deep inside the irritation). i love LIT, taught me Appearance Vs Reality.
k now it's Christmas day!
"You'll have no true joy in your heart this Christmas if Christ is not in your heart"
Christmas isn't X'mas. Christ is important in Christmas!
Christmas is to celebrate Christ's advent 2k years ago!
the greatest gift is Christ! he came to die for our sins
and Christmas isn't all bout giving worldly materials la,
who gives a hoot bout worldly stuff la.

sorry guys, i havn't bought the cards yet.
i will give it to you all la
thank God for this group of "Sunday School" mates. LOL
shaun,darryl,irvin,joel(my cousin),mag(also my cousin),grace.
k i don't really talk to the rest la. hope Gerald will be more involved next year
and i don't know what i'm typing here.
i'm typing what comes to my hand, or fingers

2203hrs 31/12/06
gloria told me she made up the name Chen Mei Ling.
sorry for not acknowledging the source

sorry for whatever i've done to offend you. ya. tell me if i do. i AM open.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

the 190th day of the 15th year of my life

HAIS. so many things happened during this holidays

so many things that changed my life. made it seem alot brighter
until the past few days.
so many misunderstandings
so many stupid things that i shouldn't have done
think she misunderstood me big time. think i did reciprocate
my life seems alot darker now (not because of the heavy rain these days)
but because of this problem
ya since this is public,
i won't elaborate.
only we both and 2 others know. so ya.
we're still good friends hor?
i'm sorry if i've done anything that made you distressed

Friday, December 01, 2006

the 175th day of the 15th year of my life

"Call Me When You're Sober"

Don't cry to me.
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
You want me,
Come find me.

Make up your mind.
Should I let you fall?
Lose it all?
So maybe you can remember yourself.
Can't keep believing,
We're only deceiving ourselves .
And I'm sick of the lie,
And you're too late.

Don't cry to me.
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
You want me,
Come find me.
Make up your mind.

Couldn't take the blame.
Sick with shame.
Must be exhausting to lose your own game.
Selfishly hated,
No wonder you're jaded.
You can't play the victim this time,
And you're too late.

Don't cry to me
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
You want me,
Come find me.
Make up your mind.

You never call me when you're sober.
You only want it cause it's over,
It's over.
How could I have burned paradise?
How could I - you were never mine.

So don't cry to me.
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
Don't lie to me,
Just get your things.
I've made up your mind.

been listening to this song for quite a while. nice lyrics.
some people really don't talk to me when they're "sober"
believes in some fallacy,then gets "drunk"
zzzz so sians lor the holidays.....
going for sunday school camp in 3 days !!!
but her birthday is in 2 days.......
she's still angry with me........
wth lor. what i REALLY do to cause her to be like this?
stop being proselyte can.get a mind of your own.
maple is being crappy.
2x drop rate, pq no passes drop. what sia.
k i don't know what i'm blogging.
hope my meimei's ankle will heal fast. =))

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the 152nd day of the 15th year of my life

And if your feelin down
He'll pick you up
He's everything you've been dreamin' of
I wish you'd look at me that way
Your beautiful eyes lookin' deep into mine
Tellin' me more
Than any words could say
But you don't even know I'm alive
Baby to you all I am
Is the invisible man

nice song man. from the year 1997 by 98 degrees.
hais. from good friend, to not so good friend, to strangers?
well all these can happen within just 5 months.
punks all around. so cool meh?
i have this pressing question that's burning in my heart:
be cool now for what?don't you know you're bound for HELL?
dumb fools. get a LIFE. not those cheapskate future-less lives.
go to bugis to buy fake Singaporean stuff anyone?
like someone from 3E 2006.
well today had 2 periods of physics lessons (1 period = 1 hr).
then couldn't play soccer during recess cause my class is
banned from the field during recess till our O levels.
well today was supposed to be my rest day.
gotta prepare for tomorrow's match. be in top condition.
hais... my hamstring is still giving me problems......
soccer after school was damn fun. for the 1st match,
i just stood at my goalpost waiting for the ball. hahaha. my team won 4-0 then we reshuffled.
then the second game, i let terence score. hahaha.
jonny, hian chong and i were sitting at the goalpost laughing...... LOL
now just finished my Bartley sec english composition.
this topic got nothing to write de......
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. still got chinese composition.
why make me learn chinese.................... go to India speak chinese meh?

still waiting for that day..................... the world would become such a nice place.......

Sunday, October 22, 2006

the 135th day of the 15th year of my life

today's the Lord's day. had to be in church by 0830 to discuss presentation. during YWS, heard a very compelling story. 2 Kings 2:23-24 "And he went up from thence unto Bethel: as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him and said unto him. Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD, And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them." this passage warns LITTLE CHILDREN against going against authority. God had said to respect those of higher authority. especially with Christians. God's warning here is very clear and concise. no excuse of not understanding it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

the 132nd day of the 15th year of my life

woke up as usual, had my QT then went to school. interclass games organised for today,but only captain's ball. before i even reached the field, terence teo dislocated my finger, or rather, slightly. then i had to play captain's ball with a dislocated finger. what's worst, 3b cheated by playing 8 players.i have to agree that it is SPORTMANSHIP that they wanted to bend the rules and make my class play 8. they cheated twice, and my class was accused of being UNSPORTING. if there is such a word. then played 3a, and hongzuo's brilliantly disguised step on the chair won them the equaliser. we lost on SCISSORS-PAPER-STONE, then thrashed 3b again. then final against 3d. can say the 2 classes were different. one was fighting for the prize, one for pride and honour. you go guess and speculate which is which. well, GOOD SPORTMANSHIP by someone who held the ball. i must say that i was very UNSPORTING by pushing him. can't help it. we last class, everyone says bad things about us. i'm used to it. i want to silence such people. UNSPORTING? well, i have got nothing to say about this.. let others see.
nevermind. in the end, i felt it was SPORTING to give 3d the prize, cause they fought for it. and deserved it. we didn't.
next got our SS results, failed so many subjects.........

and that sums up the 132nd day of the 15 year of my life

Friday, October 06, 2006

the 119th day of the 15th year of my life

today woke up at 5. had to memorise 'tourism' for my geog test. walau. today's 2 papers were killers; had to write like siao. and in all my life, i have not seen a more difficult chinese paper than today's. it was totally like ********************************************. then came geog. the interval between the 2 papers was supposed to be for us to memorise, but that terence teo, created jokes and thus, we couldn't.
what a life. i still have yet to discover the rationale behind having redundant tests such as EOYs.

Friday, September 29, 2006

the 112th day of the 15th year of my life

woke up at 6 today, after having 2 simultaneous dreams. funny dreams, i've yet to decipher the meanings. for P.E. today, my team, consisting of Yam, Woody, Galvin, DT, Jonathan "Harewood",Dai Quan and me, won Terence's team 5-0. clean thrashing, and they hardly threatened my goal. two superb goals by Harewood and DQ, before a cleverly disguised freekick by the 3F specialist sealed the victory. =X
in class today, that Mrs Fong say i make alot of noise, but after all, i still can get the results what.... nevermind, must learn to keep quiet, cause the older generation are not very equipped with noise-tolerance items. =X
after school, the 3F team drew with the other classes, consisting of superstars like Pantat, Marcus, Zhe Yar, Eric and Zhang Xiang. excellently taken goal by Harewood, then last minute equaliser by ME! =x
** where was terence teo???**
today's the 4th day i havn't talked to her. don't know how she's doing, think her friends are helping her lots. so afterall, i have to give up right?

that sums up the 112th day of the 15th year of my life

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Official Launch of Blog

to all viewers, i officially lauch my blog at 2052hrs, 24th September 2006. tag so i know my viewership numbers. =))