Thursday, October 19, 2006

the 132nd day of the 15th year of my life

woke up as usual, had my QT then went to school. interclass games organised for today,but only captain's ball. before i even reached the field, terence teo dislocated my finger, or rather, slightly. then i had to play captain's ball with a dislocated finger. what's worst, 3b cheated by playing 8 players.i have to agree that it is SPORTMANSHIP that they wanted to bend the rules and make my class play 8. they cheated twice, and my class was accused of being UNSPORTING. if there is such a word. then played 3a, and hongzuo's brilliantly disguised step on the chair won them the equaliser. we lost on SCISSORS-PAPER-STONE, then thrashed 3b again. then final against 3d. can say the 2 classes were different. one was fighting for the prize, one for pride and honour. you go guess and speculate which is which. well, GOOD SPORTMANSHIP by someone who held the ball. i must say that i was very UNSPORTING by pushing him. can't help it. we last class, everyone says bad things about us. i'm used to it. i want to silence such people. UNSPORTING? well, i have got nothing to say about this.. let others see.
nevermind. in the end, i felt it was SPORTING to give 3d the prize, cause they fought for it. and deserved it. we didn't.
next got our SS results, failed so many subjects.........

and that sums up the 132nd day of the 15 year of my life

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