Friday, March 21, 2008


Why do I feel so weak
When you are near me
You've got me in too deep
So help me baby
Your living in my dreams
Your always with me
Your the dark in my light
Your the black in my white
And I'll always know

Friday, March 14, 2008

TF Retreat

back from aloha loyang. feeling the ill effects of lack of sleep. feeling very grumpy/moody/urgh etc. the retreat went well if not for the screwed up bbq. thank God for protecting us as we almost had a fire. .

went for soccer yesterday, played like shit man. and the wet surface didn't help much too. went back for bbq in the rain, and found out we had like 50 sticks of mutton satay and 60 chicken wings left uncook and everyone was FULL.!

went cycling overnight. went all the way to bedok.. went to red house. wahlao, the stone head never turn luh.. now i'm suffering from the lousy seat. my ass is bruised!

kay time to go back to doing homework and revising

Monday, March 10, 2008

finally updated

okay great. i'm stuck in MJ but it isn't that bad after all. so busy these few weeks.
first let me whine about my screwed up debut. didn't have enough stamina to go against 4 defenders. up till now, my chest hurts. urgh. must fight for my place in the team.

TF retreat's on wed! calling all youths, in Galilee or not, come down for a time of fellowship! okay we "directors" are quite screwed up. haven't bought the stuff or what yet. and i have training dammit!

i really need discipline man. i don't know a shit bout econs especially since the lecturer sucks. gotta do my maths and chem and physics now. tata!