Friday, June 29, 2007

the 21st day of the 16th day of my life

went for SAJC trial today.thank God i wasn't one of those kicked.
think i didn't do my warmup properly,my muscles were tight after a while.
out of 10, 10 being my current max potential, i think i did 3.
i failed to get the ball after getting into space. i failed to connect with the ball like thrice.
i didn't score.i crossed straight to the keeper after outrunning the defender.
i set up the only goal the trialists scored,because i miskicked.
i set up another like the cristiano ronaldo "backflick".
argh. argh argh!

now i'm not going for the cross country.suffered blisters.
i'm damn tired now.ROARRRRRRRRRR
shitshit! too much play. i need to study!!!

sunday's the match against mt carmel. hope i'll be able to perform.

cause everywhere i go
no matter what i do girl
i just can't get you out of my head

i love you

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