Wednesday, April 23, 2008


urrrrrrrrgh. diarrhoea.feverishness.etcetc. kao
great. i thought of a good PW idea during the trip home from the doctor's. and guess what, i forgot it! wth! and my PI is like overdue!!!!!
okay look on the bright side, i can finally hand in my rubbish GP essay which is 3 weeks overdue, my recurrence assignment which is er, 2weeks overdue? and my MI assignment. first time i'm doing something and handing in on time (taking into consideration i'm not in school during the deadline).
great, God didn't want me to be in teh school team. i'm still trying to find out why. got over it though. gotta get well then get back my fitness and train for next year.
wow, i just realised it's been eons since i last blogged. cool.
okay, Man U and barca. go go man u!

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