Thursday, January 17, 2008


hello world. i just realised the last time i updated this blog was last year. so here am i,at work,updating my blog. idk what to write here. but i'm damn damn tired. last night went for prayer meeting. yeah shaun,irvin and joel were there too. o level results are coming! ahhhhhh! should be 24th. i don't think my uncle's lying. lol.

went for cfjf last saturday. so many kids in JF1! i so want to start teaching! lol. i want to see how i'll do. anyway, i think God gave me the gift of teaching. so i want to use it!

sadly, in Galilee, the people who go for fellowship groups is small. i want to increase the size of the cfjf membership. make it big big big, so that kids can have a foundation, and won't grow up waywardly. also, it's important for kids to learn to be mature, as in, don't get infected by "the irk"so easily.

i love my work. i get to learn so many things, and i get to meet almost everyone. aha. ok i'm dozing off alr. seeya world

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