Saturday, September 08, 2007

the 93rd day of the 16th year of my life's been days since i last blogged.and my General Cambridge Examinations Ordinary Level is just days away.yeah it really is.42 days is all i have left to finish all my mathematics questions,memorize my social studies facts and shit,refresh my mind in facts pertaining to geography,read through and memorize Macbeth shit,and finally to just know what the Joy Luck Club is all about(it is just crap.why make us study this book?)and here i am,struggling to do my social studies night class homework. Do you agree that to overcome constraints and vulnerabilities, the principle of pragmatism plays the most important role in government? explain your bloody answer. ARGH! ok i'm not exactly sure of the facts, all because i didn't study this chapter and while TOH was teaching i was SLEEPING. so yeah, that's how screwed i am. L1R5 of 21?!?! i need to cut this by at least 11 points! and i'm here sick with flu.feeling so lousy, i've wasted another 3 days.burned like $30++ during the holidays.went to LAN and pool so often(relatively) it seems we are still in sec1 when we had so much time to waste.oh shit i need discipline!

my favourite photo taken using my Samsung phone.

i will be in a daze,then forget you.then close my eyes shut.

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