Saturday, December 22, 2007

my hols in short

well. these 2 months of my hols have been very many things happened.guess most seem like bad things.first,my good ole friend.we drifted apart after like 1 year + of good friendship?i wanna salvage it,but i don't know what to do =/
i found a job at sentosa.really like it.although i have to travel like damn far,but they payout is quite reasonable.and i get to explore the island. xD
went for SS camp. wasn't in the right state to go for camp. behaved quite wrongly. if not very. i sincerely apologise for my behaviour. lol joel too. you and hmmmmmmmmmmmm xP
now it's Christmas alr. feel so lonely at home. nothing to do. can't wait for tai ching to lend me airborne. and i haven't bought Christmas stuff! die!
ok.lost my ling gan alr.

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