Saturday, February 10, 2007

the 247th day of the 15th year of my life

day of the,the disco DID attract people
i won't comment on what happened,i'll laugh

the chances of you reading my blog are slim,
but i still wanna say all these....
if it's wrong to tell the truth
what am i supposed to do?
when all i want to do is speak my mind
if it's wrong to do what's right,
i'm prepared to testify
if loving you with all my heart's a crime
then i'm guilty.
just that smile of yours could brighten my day
it could calm me down
just an sms from you could cheer me up
these are things you don't normally hear from a guy.
cause there are so many hypocrites out there
i'm sure you know some,i won't name any.
but i'll keep waiting
cause nothing's gonna change my love for you
you ought to know by now how much i love you
i'll be there for you should you need me.
i will...............

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