Friday, February 16, 2007

the 253rd day of the 15th year of my life

my brother's birthday today.think that's why went out yesterday
another monotonous day in school.only had to stay back for 2 hours
during PE,lost to terence's team.lucky shit.
after opening the scoring with a super 1st time volley that went in off the crossbar and DT's ass.
law added the second soon after,but terence's team scored 2.
then 3.then 4.just when we needed a goal,jonny scored a spectacular own goal off a mr teo cross.
mr teo scuffed say 4 chances?i didn't even get the chance to blast in my freekicks.
damn tired during the unfit.
after school played against those 4c people.
scored another spectacular solo goal. =X
we won 2-1. lol. had headed a bullet header over the bar once.
think that's all i'll crap. CNY's coming! yay!

tell me what makes a man.wanna give you all his heart
smile when you're around,cry when you're apart.
if you know what makes a man
wanna love you the way i do
girl you gotta let me know
i'm gonna keep the promises
i'm gonna be the one who says
baby you just wait and see
waiting for you
yes i'm waiting for you......

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