Monday, May 21, 2007

19 days to my 16th birthday

i bet city harvest will join this movement.
wow.modernday Christianity;i must say it's very defiled.
hmmm maybe i can put these people on the same level as fanatics?
oh shit.i just realised i can't say much here.i don't have freedom of speech.
well.beware of these modernday Christians and Christians-To-Be.
i guess God's word is there for us to accept.don't, and the consequences are dire.
wait,is megalife a church? hmmm maybe. city harvest? errrrrrrrrrrrr.
mega life, mega to signify it's crazily increasing size. harvest? yeah harvest. what? i don't know.
God's word is right, in the end times, there will be more and more FALSE DOCTRINE.
maybe why they appear now is because these founders do know the Bible.
Christ is coming again, so it's quite smart to er, bring your friends to church right?
hmmm use incentives such as "you'll never get sick" or "you'll get rich" or whatsoever.
(suggest more please)
yeah and after telling them this, they brand Christianity as "perfect".
they guess they'll live perfect lives. sure or not?
the closer you are to God, the more trials and tribulations you receive.
perfect example is Job. perhaps most of you "Christians" wouldn't know who he is.
nevermind. to me, the most basic thing to do when you go to a church is to determine if they are teaching the right doctrine. it's not whether the church looks nice, appeals, or whatever crap.
so what if the music moves the body? God wants us to praise him, not the song or songleader.

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