Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the 223rd day of the 15th year of my life

argh. feel so crapp today. since this is my blog, i shall say what i wanna.
won assumption 5-3, played a full game. disappointed at letting in 3 goals.
why is fook chai even the vice-capt? he up to it meh?
i don't see even a trace of leadership in him. did he prove his leadership just now?
well YES! don't go into position, wanna score goals so can talk big.
useless piece of crap. so suay you in the team. CRYBABY. small thing also cry.
LEADER? don't INSULT the term ok. let me name what he did.
1) offside for more than 7 times
2)out of position for more than 5 times in less than half an hour?
3)blamed the defense for mistakes, he didn't make the same mistake?
4)fight with opponent then kena pushed.
5)talk about what they so small, lousy, score this score that. where?
fine. enough. mr bernerd might call me up for questioning.
i seriously question Dunman sec. look at the leaders
what vice president of council. so effeminate. shuns responsibility.
doesn't have the courage to stand up in front of others
how to lead? talk about "leadership". don't insult that word
some councillor. join "a female dominated sport" (edited 190107 1836hrs). another effeminate one. student leader?
lead what? the drop-hand revolution?
Dunman should be producing top notch leaders.
why weren't we invited to the Hwa Chong leaders' conference?
reasons so obvious.
what's Dunman coming to? these kind of student leaders. so many more.
where have all the REAL leaders gone to?
the ones who will follow instructions but not word for word.
improvise. the ones who dare to do something different.
where? the ones who say something and do it.
i forgot what the council presidents had said to do during campaigning.
why? they never carried it out.
can more right-brainer leaders be spotted?
as far as i know, they won't. why? they're said to be "disobedient"
they just don't behave like teachers' pets.
anyone not happy with my entry, you're welcome to comment

fine. enough of that.

"have you ever loved and lost somebody?"
well to the one, i find it hard to tell you....

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