Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the 32nd day of the 16th year of my life

another day...yet another day...
argh. feeling so shitty. aching all over.
then just now, while playing blind mice =X , i got a BIG cut on my chest.
T.T so pain.......
it looks like this:

ouch! lol
oh yahh. i don't believe i actually played blind mice. i'm like 16?! hahaha
young at heart eh? lolol.
then after that went to play "soccer"
at the badminton court or as they call it.
lol when i teamed up with DT, against T.T jonny and pupus LOL,
my team whacked them. haha i ole-ed T.T more than 5 times? if only keely was there........ xP
then i ole-ed jonny like 3 times and scored? haha.
wahlao. jonny and T.T hor. make people laugh. coupled with rus, it's DISASTER! i shall upload the sherades' videos sooooooooooon. hahahaha.

MJ trial on sat. i need to be in top condition and in good shape. i feel fat. =/

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